Insects & Critter Fear Survey

Heyloo there everyone.  If you haven’t noticed, I know a bit about bugs.  I also happen to be an arachnophobe.  Yup.  I’m not the only one either; and am looking to get some insight into the minds of my fellow humans.  I’m curious about what it is about critters that makes us afraid or just uncomfortable.  So I created an impromptu survey in hopes of letting you all speak your minds.

The first link below is to the survey itself.  At the end of that are links to the photo surveys if you wish to add your impressions of those. The photo surveys are split in two because Survey Monkey only let’s me use 10 questions per survey.

Thanks for your help everyone!

Actual survey:

Photo Survey p1:

Photo Survey p2:


Survey for Your Perusal

Survey Monkey Link

Feel free to click and answer at your leisure.  There are only a few questions so it shouldn’t take too long.  In an effort to further my understanding of these topics, I thought I would create a survey to see what my friends, acquaintances and readers might think.  I know I have learned a lot by asking myself these questions and looking further than just the label on the insecticide.

Once I have received enough replies for me to figure out what I should go into first, I shall begin!  In the mean time, I intend to do a series about Bees!  The bees have been in the news a lot lately and I would like to address some of the misconceptions about the science and “science” surrounding the recent announcements.

I can’t wait to get going.  This should be all sorts of fun.  I’m sure it won’t be controversial at all!  </sarcasm>

But, until then, please enjoy this video of a poor tortured kitteh.  No, it’s not mine.  I would not exploit my cats this way.

Busy Bee Kitty!!!

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