National Moth Week is Here!!!

National Moth Week 2013 is finally here!  I’ll be hosting a BBQ on the 27th at my home and all of my lepidoptera buddies are welcome!  And people too!


If you happen to be in the Columbus, OH area and want to learn about some moths, just let me know!



*Fun note: my spell check thinks “lepidoptera” should be “teleprompter.”  I find this very amusing for some reason.


National Moth Week 2013!!!

Interested in learning more about moths?  What’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly?  Why are they attracted to lights?  What makes them so fuzzy!?!  Well, I’d love to answer those questions and more during this years National Moth Week event in July 2013.  The exact date and location is TBD and I’m looking for ideas.  Local park?  The lab? Backyard BBQ? Whaddya think?

For more info on NMW.


National Moth Week Events

Here in Columbus I will be hosting an event for National Moth Week on July 25th on the West Campus of The Ohio State University.  We will have some light refreshments and spend the night collecting.  Plenty of nerdy fun!!!

Something we are hoping to do is have as many people as possible keeping track of the moths they see all that week.  Not sure what it is?  Snap a picture or snag it and put it in your freezer.

Just FYI…telling me it was small, kind of brown with stripes does not narrow it down.

The gorgeous Death’s Head Sphinx Moth (Acherontia lachesis) made famous in The Silence of the Lambs. Random nerdiness note…the pupa used in the film to represent this moth was NOT EVEN A SPHINX MOTH PUPA!!!! Okay…I feel better now.

National Moth Week Events!

National Moth Week is a new event scheduled for July 23rd – 29th with educational and collecting activities scheduled across the globe!  This is going to be such an exciting week!!!  I am planning on at least one collecting event in Columbus, OH and all are welcome.  Small snacks and refreshments should be available while we hang out and do some night collecting.  There are three other Ohio events planned during that week at different locations in the state.

Check out their website to find your local event as well as helpful tips for collecting and identifying moths.

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