Congrats to My Home State

Last November my home state (along with two others) did something that no other state had done before; by popular vote we supported equality and affirmed the right to marriage equality.  (I say “we” because I am still registered to vote back home as I am an out of state student).  Last Thursday the marriage licenses were available for pick up at midnight and the first weddings were able to commence on the 9th.  In an amazing show of support, Judges volunteered to come in on their day off to perform weddings for same-sex couples, people lined the sidewalk outside Seattle City Hall throwing flowers and their love to the newly wedded couples and many around the country have demonstrated an amazing outpouring of love for these couples.  The BBC even picked up the story.  This is truly an historic moment.  Countries all across the globe have affirmed marriage equality as a human right.  Canada and recently Mexico have done it as well as a number of places one wouldn’t automatically think including South Africa and Iowa!  Last week the US Supreme Court announced they would hear cases related to marriage equality and this week has clarified their point, one case relating to Prop 8 from California and one challenge to DOMA will be heard during 2013 with a ruling possibly as early as June.


Click Here for a series of photos from Washington’s Marriage Equality Day…but be prepared with tissues…


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