Darwin Awards: Arthropod Edition

I’ve mentioned before that I am arachnophobic (araneaephobic would be a little more accurate) but I’ve gotten better.  I am now the proud momma of a Rose Hair (Grammostola rosea) tarantula that I have named Chaka Khan and a baby Pink Toe (Avicularia metallica) tarantula that is as yet, unnamed.  BUT, these new adoptions into my family do not preclude me from getting severely wigged out when I see crazy sh*t go down!  So, in honor of the coming holiday, Darwin Day, I present to you a week of Darwin Award: Arthropod Edition nominees.

Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie.  Just because you own a tarantula, doesn’t mean you should.  Our first contenders demonstrate just how much common sense they are lacking.  If you owned one of the most venomous tarantulas in the world, what would you do with it?  Well, our guys think that the best thing to do before holding said terror, is to royally piss it off.  Good luck boys!


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