Adventures in OKCupid

I’ve seen many things come in through my message box on OKC.  It’s been quite a ride, featuring the sweet, sour, and down right WTF moments.  I’ve always kept this blog rather focused on my love of bugs but I thought I might open it up to a bit more about myself.  No one is reading this anyway, so what does it matter.

Upon waking this morning, I noticed an email alert on my phone.  I had a new OKCupid message.  The pic looked good but, as I was still a little groggy, it took me a short time to be able to see the words clearly. : “You seriously think a size 18 is “average” body type? Are you off you’re fucking meds?”

As someone who has been overweight for significant portion of her life these sorts of comments are not rare.  For the most part, I have become quite accustomed to them and typically let them wash over me.  Besides, I have better things to do with my life than stress about the idiots of the world.  I have grad school to deal with…which brings with it a whole new set of idiots to stress over.

But I did decide to reply.  After all, this kindly fellow took the time out of his busy evening to write me, the least I could do was take time out of mine and reply.  That, and I just figured who gives a shit?

My reply:

“1) I’m not quite sure where my profile states I am a size 18. If it does, that would be from over 6 years ago when I first created it.

2) You would be correct that an 18 is not “average”, though I doubt for the same reasons that you decided to message me. Statistically speaking the average modern woman is approximately 5’4″, weighs around 145 lbs and is a size 12-14. If this is the average of which we are discussing, then I would be average, to slightly below (dress size) or above (height). Depending upon which metric we are using.

3) A brief glimpse of your profile shows me that you are rather slender and could be considered underweight, again, depending upon the metric we’re using. As someone who has run in/trained for marathons and a triathlon, I can tell you “average” and “fit” are quite variable terms. But I do know that ass hole is a term I’d apply to you. I’m certainly glad you took the time out of your oh so busy night to tell a random person on the internet she is fat. I hope you feel like a better human being. Good “Christian” values you have there.

Best Wishes


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