Sharing is Caring

I’m heading into the PCR lab in a bit (yup…it’s a Sunday, I’m not resting, guess I’m not God) and I thought I’d share a little bit of myself with you.  Yesterday’s post about my experience as a nursing assistant was only a small tidbit of my life yet it was definitely a huge chunk.  You don’t spend 12+years doing something and then just toss those days out the window.  But grad school is definitely a one of a kind experience.  I’ve blogged a bit about this before.  Will do so again if you’re interested…but for now I’d like to share with you a little bit of my driving motivation/keeper-of-sanity…The Mountain Goats.  From middle school through my years at a community college I was always involved in music.  I played four instruments (my favorite will always be the bassoon) and have always felt the arts are an all-too-often neglected portion of our educational system.  This may sound strange coming from someone who is in the sciences, but contrary to popular belief, the brain isn’t divided between artsy and sciency folk.

That being said, music has, and continues to be, an important component of my life.  Whether it’s karaoke or just screaming along with classic rock in my car as I drive down the highway, music is important to me.  Many artists provide the soundtrack for my life and I will forever be grateful for their work.  Whether it’s Elton John, Jim Byrnes, Dvorak, or Aaba, I appreciate and even love their work.  Here’s a little tune that I listen to when I need a little reminder of why I do what I do.

“Do every stupid thing that makes you feel alive…”


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