Worst Movie Ever? Or BEST Movie Ever!?!

Okay, okay…it has bad CGI.  And I mean BAHDDDD CGI.  The kind of CGI that makes Twilight look polished.  Sure, the acting is bad too.  But it’s so endearing and makes you want to root for the actors.  Not the characters…the actors.  You can act.  I know you can!  Just keep saying “I think I can I think I can I think I can…” and it will happen!  It’s a thing of B-movie Beauty, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Troll 2.  And what is this work of wonder you ask?

Dracula.  3D.  By Dario Argento.

Sure, we all know the story.  Keanu Reeves takes a trip to Transylvania where sexy ladies nibble at him a bit and Big D gets a bit mad because he wants to nibble on Keanu’s neck all on his own.  But this is different.  Why?

Because Dracula turns into a freaking PRAYING MANTIS!!!  That’s right.  A real. Praying. Mantis.  Just as Stoker envisioned…while tripping on absinthe.

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