A Very Ukrainian Christmas

As the story goes, many years ago a widow of little means and her children lived in a small, cold hut.  This family did not have much in the way of fancy things or even not-so-fancy things it seems.  One day a tree outside their home dropped a pinecone and it took root in the home.  Excited about having a tree for Christmas the children tended and cared for the tree.  As the holiday approached the family was sad that they had no way to decorate the tree.

Hearing the sobs of the young children the spiders of the household worked together and come morning the children had quite a surprise.

“Mother, mother wake up and see the tree. It is beautiful!” The children exclaimed!

The mother roused herself and saw the shining, gleaming tree before her.  The spiders had spun their intricate webs all over the tree and as the sun rose over the hillside the rays struck the silken strands creating changing them from silk to silver and gold!  From that day on, the widow and her family never wanted for anything.

To this day, in remembrance of this Christmas miracle, Ukrainians decorate their trees with artificial spider webs; welcoming in good luck and fortune for the coming year.


To learn more about The Ukraine and Ukrainian traditions check out their webpage.


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