Final Installment of Bugeo: Such a Small World After All

Here we are, our final installment of Bug Video Week and I know you’re eager to see what I’ve got for you.  Something bizarre?  Yes.  Something terrifying?  Perhaps.  Something beautiful?  Most definitely.  Today I bring you another “feature” film which is actually one of my favorites.  The world around us is so full and teeming with action and adventure.  Creatures vying for a tiny spot on a leaf can easily be picked off by the nearest predator.  Microcosmos is one of the best nature documentaries out there (IMO) because it doesn’t spend an inordinate amount of time trying to drum up some bizarre storyline for the animal in question.  It’s an insect, see what it does.  It does amazing things.  Yay!  This film is available in a variety of locations online for free and is available to stream on Netflix.  Kick back with some bug infested popcorn for an hour and enjoy.  This film is truly a beautiful way to get a glimpse into the world of arthropods.


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