Bugeo on the Big Screen!!!

My late night addition to Bugeo (Bug Video Week) takes the form of a few of my favorite cheesy insect and arthropod related films.  This was somewhat inspired by two wonderful occurrences today:

1) I saw a trailer for the film Antboy and fell in love

Playing at the Toronto Film Festival Sunday September 15th.

2) I saw the Rifftrax (you may remember them as as MST3K) guys take on Starship Troopers.

So how about a few more examples of insects and their buddies on the big screen?  Hollywood (and other film locales) have produced some pretty amazing and ughmazing bug films.  Here are a few to check out the next time you’re bored or avoiding your thesis like I am…I mean need a break from tirelessly working on your thesis…yeah…that’s what I meant.

1) Let’s start with every body’s favorite, Arachnophobia.  Yup.  I’m scared of spiders and you should be too.  They’re fraking terrifying and will suck your soul out your head just like those brain bugs!!!!  Run!!!

Just kidding, they’re not all bad and in fact there are no reported deaths to the CDC related to Black Widow or Brown Recluse bites in recent years.  The problems people get are from allergic reactions and, most often, secondary infection from itching and not taking care of the wounds.  But don’t let silly things like facts fool you, those suckers are creepy.  What in the name of Darwin do they need 8 eyes for anyway!?! And the Brown Recluse doesn’t even have 8 eyes!!!!!  That’s just evolution f*@king with us.

Important life lesson learned from Hollywood, never move to a “nice, quiet town.”

2) How about some cheesy sci-fi with a heavy-handed anti-pesticide message all staring Captain Kirk? Well look no further than the work of art that is Kingdom of the Spiders. Bet you didn’t know that rampant use of DDT could cause spiders to randomly switch from being solitary predators into social groups. Yeah…personally I think Shatner just has that effect on people…and apparently spiders too.

I’d also recommend the Rifftrax version of Kingdom of the Spiders.

3) Okay, that’s enough spider terror for me. How about something truly terrifying? How about insects that aren’t there (or are they)? Huh? Freaky, I know. Delusory parasitosis is something I deal with often. I get a lot of requests from people to ID things that don’t exist. I’ve received some samples that, just to be nice, I won’t tell you where they came from. And when I say “where” I’m not talking about zip code. But I digress (and feel the need to shower)….The next film was an interesting horror film that came out in 2006 with some big-ish named actors in it. Ladies and gentlemen…I give you, Bug.

4) Let’s take a trip overseas for this one. Yeah, the American’s can make some pretty good (but mostly schlocky) entomoiflms…and with Antboy it looks like the Danes can do it pretty well too. So who else is gonna step up to the all important insect plate?

India of course!!!! Who could go wrong with a dude that gets reincarnated as a fly to exact terrible buzzing revenge on the guy who killed him!?! Brilliant! I don’t care if a fly isn’t “born” as a pupa, this movie is so brilliantly cheesy and Bollylicious that it has to go on this list. **Sorry I couldn’t find one with English subtitles, but you can pretty easily figure out what’s going on**

Did that fly just go all Matrix? Ah-yeeah.


5) And last, but most certainly not least let’s throw another one out there. Sure, there are some doozies out there, Human Centipede would be a “good” example (no, I’m not linking to it…let’s just say there are some things you cannot unsee). And there are some pretty entertaining children’s films too (as cute as A Bugs Life may have been, the bugs didn’t have enough legs so Antz gets my vote). Some great classic horror like The Fly and modernish horror like The Fly and the just flat out bizarre, like Naked Lunch but how best to end this list?

I know!!! I’m going to dig deep into the recesses of my mind for this one. Something from my childhood…lordy this is kind of painful to think back that far…but here it is, one of the most brilliant pieces of television ever concocted.! Doctor Who: The Ark in Space

This features my first Doctor, Tom Baker. You never forget your first Doctor. Never, ever. Though some of you may consider this cheating, I don’t care. I love Doctor Who and I happen to love this series.

What do you think? Do these belong on a top 5 list of bug related films? What would you like to see up there? How else can I avoid my thesis?


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