I just did a quick glance at the my Site Stats and it seems fleas are a popular topic.  One person searched for “bad fleas in northern California”.  I don’t live in California but I wouldn’t be surprised.  It takes some cold temperatures to knock down the fleas for a winter and even in the north it might not get that cold.

I have previous posts here and here regarding my dealings with fleas but here is a little more basic information for you in case you’re interested.  But first a pop quiz:

1) What type of fleas do you typically see on cats?
a) cat fleas
b) dog fleas
c) rodent fleas

2) What type of fleas do you typically see on dogs?
a) cat fleas
b) dog fleas
c) rodent fleas

Logically you would think cat fleas on cats and dog fleas on dogs, right?  Well, that might be logical but it’s not how it works.  There are dog and rodent fleas but we typically do not see them on cats or dogs.  They thrive in different host habitats and that isn’t going to be your household pet.  It can happen, but it’s the exception (though there may be some variation depending upon your geographic location…as I love to say, animals don’t read books).  Fleas, whether they’re on your dog or your cat, are almost always going to be cat fleas.  But, that doesn’t mean you can use the same product on your cat that you can on your dog.  The mode of action (i.e. how it kills the flea) is the same but your pets biology is not.  Some products such as those containing permethrin should NEVER be used on cats!  I mentioned this in a previous post but it bears repeating.  Permethrin is toxic to cats but is fine for dogs.  Please, please, PLEASE be sure to only use products labeled for dogs on dogs, and those for cats on cats.

Best of luck to you!


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