National Moth Week Events

Here in Columbus I will be hosting an event for National Moth Week on July 25th on the West Campus of The Ohio State University.  We will have some light refreshments and spend the night collecting.  Plenty of nerdy fun!!!

Something we are hoping to do is have as many people as possible keeping track of the moths they see all that week.  Not sure what it is?  Snap a picture or snag it and put it in your freezer.

Just FYI…telling me it was small, kind of brown with stripes does not narrow it down.

The gorgeous Death’s Head Sphinx Moth (Acherontia lachesis) made famous in The Silence of the Lambs. Random nerdiness note…the pupa used in the film to represent this moth was NOT EVEN A SPHINX MOTH PUPA!!!! Okay…I feel better now.

Just a Friendly Reminder

I’ve been very excited by the responses I am getting by this survey.  I have received a number of interesting questions that I look forward to answering!  Some that will even require a little research too!  Yay!  Just a quick note, this survey will be closing in about a month to be replaced by something else possibly.

Agriculture, Pests and our Perceptions Survey


Here’s another survey for you, but this one is a bit different.  This one helps us understand the ecological habits and movements of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB).  Have you see one of these little guys in your home, on your plants or elsewhere in your town?  Please answer this short survey to help us out!

BMSB Survey

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