Mosquitoes ARE taking over the world!!!

A little addendum to a previous post regarding Mosquitoes for this coming year.  In that post I responded to an inquiry about mosquitoes and whether we were going to have a huge mosquito outbreak this year due to the mild winter.  To sum up my response, “It depends”.  Some species need the cold, some don’t.  Some don’t care.

What would really have made a difference is if we had a hard frost between the winter and summer seasons.  Typically we get a few decent frosts even if the winter was mild.  If a mild winter is followed by a hard frost what we can get is a situation where mosquitoes (and other insects regulated by temperature accumulation) begin their spring activities early. Some may emerge from pupal cases and others may simply start the process of moving through their larval stages.  But if they start doing this and then we get a hard frost, this will interrupt their cycle and possibly even kill them, thus preventing an early showing of these insects.

HOWEVER…this is not what happened.  No hard frost means no interruption in their development.  What we might even see is an additional generation.  If some of these species emerged early enough they may be able to make it through an extra cycle.

Again, it will depend upon the species how heavy the numbers are.  And it will also depend upon how successful the previous years broods were at reproducing.  But don’t be surprised by pesky mosquitoes buzzing around your picnic tables.  Bring some mosquito repellant and a fly swatter.

No.  Citronella doesn’t do a damn thing.  Don’t waste your money.


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